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With the help of our in-house staff of writers and editors (not to mention some pretty cool analytics egg-heads to help track performance) we can provide content that not only gets your brand message out there, but actually turns your prospects into buyers.

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Social Media Marketing

In the ever changing landscape of Social Media Marketing, what’s hot now may not be what’s hot tomorrow. And it’s for this reason that we’re diligent in REAL-TIME with our social media marketing services. From handling brand management and comments in realtime, to paid advertising, we have the experience to make to turn the rough seas of social media into smooth sailing for your company and brand.

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Data Science and Scaling

Behind every successful marketing campaign there is a LOT of data analytics. Every element in a campaign must have a value attributed to it so it can be measured and improved. We excel in this area, ensuring that no detail is missed or opportunity left under optimized. It’s because of this that our clients are able to scale quickly (and SAFELY) knowing exactly where their customers are coming from, and their return on every advertising campaign.

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Full Team Integration

For the greatest results, it is critical that we adapt to each client’s desires and goals (as well as their current staff and culture). We aim to function less like a traditional agency, and more like a specialized extension of our client’s team.


Management M is a boutique digital marketing and consulting company offering specialized marketing and business process outsourcing solutions to select clients. We are passionate about helping businesses improve their online presence and scaling quickly (focusing on their successes, and helping to quickly identify (and moving away from) less profitable activities in their business). In short, we function to remove the road blocks that are keeping your business from the growth that it deserves. We’re sticklers for data-driven business decisions (in fact, we really love it), and it’s with that core focus on data and analysis that our business has attracted more clients simply by word of mouth and our performance. We like to let our results speak for themselves, and would be happy to discuss how we can grow your business. We are located in Dover, Delaware. Our office hours are 9am-5pm EST Monday to Friday.

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